The Dedito brand is named after my first dog; my best friend who made this all possible for me and lead me to discover a new life.
The brand “Dedito” was born as a lasting tribute to my best friend…. A painting of Dodi, based on a photograph taken when he was in his prime, was used as the basis of our logo you see today and the brand name followed. Dedito was now a registered brand – it was all-official!
In the next few shooting seasons, we started to sell to gamekeepers and people I the shooting community throughout the UK, providing them with boots. The Dedito brand started to grow and sales started to increase. Year on year we continued to sell more of our trademark boots.
In April 2016, I moved the Dedito office to North Yorkshire in the UK. From this base in rural North Yorkshire, we now offer handmade outdoor boots, wellingtons and tailored shirts, all for both men and women. All our boots and shirts are handmade in Italy. Our wellingtons are made in Europe
Dedito boots and wellingtons provide stylish, practical footwear for hardworking countrymen and women who have a passion for outdoor life.

Dedito – winning awards

In 2016 we received The Shooting Industry award for Best Footwear 2016; seeing off competition from some of the top shooting industry brands and establishing the Dedito brand as a serious competitor in the market.
In 2019 we made it to be one of the 5 finalists for the Shooting Industry awards.
We ended the 2016/017 season with record sales of over 700 pair of Dedito outdoor boots. In the year 2017/2018 we sold around the 1400 pair of boots and in the year 2018/2019 we sold over 2000 pair of boots and more then 800 pair of wellingtons.
Our main customer base is predominantly made up of beaters, gamekeepers, walkers and dog handlers; basically anybody who needs a good pair of comfortable, stylish and weatherproof boots.
To date, Dedito boots have been delivered not just across the UK but also to Europe, the United States and other countries.



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