How a dog changed my life!

In 2003 a dog came into my life. Not just any dog, but a dog that would influence my life beyond my expectations. I think it must have been “the chosen one”. It was a working gundog, an HPR or Hunt, Point, Retrieve.

The dog’s name was “Dedito di primavera of Weimar’s Joy”.

Dedito means: “he that is focused on something and wont let go until his knowledge is satisfied”. And boy oh boy did this name suit him perfectly! Primavera was chosen because we got him in the Spring and Of Weimar’s joy is the prefix of the breeder.

We called him Dodi.  As Dodi was an HPR working dog, I decided to get my shooting license in both The Netherlands and the UK, so I could get as much work as possible for Dodi.  It was Dodi that brought me to North Yorkshire and the rest as they say, is history!


Whilst I was over in North Yorkshire (UK), helping out on different moors and working my dog, I was asked if I knew the ‘Diotto’ brand of outdoor boots, from Italy? As I wasn’t terribly knowledgeable about the brand at the time, I did some research and discovered that Diotto was a relativeley low volume manufacturer of leather boots, based in the North of Italy.  As I am Italian, people started asking me if I could import some boots for them. I contacted the factory…….and here we are today!

Selling Dedito

After 5 years of selling the Diotto boots (three pairs in my first season and more recently 650 in season 2016/2017 up to 2000 pairs of Dedito boots in season 2018/2019), more as a hobby while I was living in the UK, I decided to produce outdoor boots and shootingwear under my own brandname Dedito.

In 2014 I had a meeting with the Italian supplier of the boots. As an Italian, I was able to explain exactly what I needed.  We discussed the feedback I had received on the Diotto boots from gamekeepers etc and decided to make a boot that was more suited to the varied UK terrain.  Dedito was born.

Dedito outdoor boots tested by gamekeepers

Initially I ordered 3 pairs and sold them to gamekeepers. Word started to spread in and around the area, that there was a Dutch/Italian guy with a huge dog, selling good Italian handmade outdoor boots for a reasonable price!  When the word spreads that you sell good boots for the right price, people always know where to find you!

Outdoor boots for varied terrain

We are now selling Dedito boots to beaters, gamekeepers, walkers, dog handlers and all outdoor pursuit enthusiastics. Dedito Dodi and Dedito Moorland boots are ideal for both men and women.  Our boots are basically for anyone who needs a good pair of outdoor boots for outdoor activities on rough and varied terrain.

Where passion meets quality

Dedito was born out of my passion for outdoor life, especially my love of grouse counting with my HPR dogs on rough and varied terrain. I never stop listening to feedback and always strive to keep improving the products.

Dario Martina

Dedito ultimate performance boots

We have over a 1000 pairs in stock to meet the requests of people with an outdoor hunting life passion. The Dedito boots are well known for high quality footwear in the UK, UK Isles, Europe  and the United States.