Recommendations for Dedito Boots

Wearing the right socks?

Cotton and wool socks might seem like natural choices, but they could be the reason why your feet are feeling clammy and uncomfortable. These ultra-absorbent natural fibers can retain your sweat until your socks are completely damp.

Perspiration never has a chance to evaporate away. Stick to synthetic fabric socks and the new technical wool blends, which are designed to wick moisture away from the feet, where it can then pass out as vapor through the footwear.

Taking care of your footwear

A little maintenance goes a long way in protecting the waterproof Wind-TEX® membrane inside your footwear. Shake out any loose dirt or gravel from inside before they have a chance to abrade the lining. Be careful around barbed wire, fishhooks, nails, and anything else that might puncture your footwear. And guys: keep those toenails clipped so they don’t abrade the inner lining.

Do not dry the boots on top or next to a heater. Lt the boots dry naturally in a room. Quick drying will cause cracks in the leather with leaking as results.