Recommendations for Dedito Boots

Wearing the right socks?

Cotton and wool socks might seem like natural choices, but they could be the reason why your feet are feeling clammy and uncomfortable. These ultra-absorbent natural fibers can retain your sweat until your socks are completely damp.

Perspiration never has a chance to evaporate away. Stick to synthetic fabric socks and the new technical wool blends, which are designed to wick moisture away from the feet, where it can then pass out as vapor through the footwear.

Taking care of your footwear

A little maintenance goes a long way in protecting the waterproof Wind-TEX® membrane inside your footwear. Shake out any loose dirt or gravel from inside before they have a chance to abrade the lining. Be careful around barbed wire, fishhooks, nails, and anything else that might puncture your footwear. And guys: keep those toenails clipped so they don’t abrade the inner lining.

Do not dry the boots on top or next to a heater. Lt the boots dry naturally in a room. Quick drying will cause cracks in the leather with leaking as results.

Recommendations for Wellies

1) Wash your wellies with a cloth and warm clear water.
2) Leave them to dry naturally, stuffing them with newspaper will help them to dry quicker.

Faults should be raised with customer service as soon as the faults develops We will ask you for your wellies to be returned after we get the information we need from photographs. If we are unable to replace immediately, for example out of stock, we will do our best to provide a date for restocking Refunds or exchanges will only be considered once products have been returned to us once we requested them. We will not accept or examine muddy wellies, please take the time to ensure your wellies are clean paying particular attention to the soles and heel treads. We love wellies but rubber is ultimately a perishable product, so you need to take care of them to prolong their life. Our natural rubber wellies are not designed to be used in an environment where they can come in contact with cleaning or disinfectant chemicals or raw manure.

3) Store your wellies in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
4) Avoid storing your wellies with the zip open or clogged with mud.

Therefore, our warranty does not cover general wear and tear damage including, corrosion of the rubber, rips, scratches, tears, piercings, burns and improper fittings/sizings. Splitting or tearing caused by boot jacks, doorstep removal etc will not be covered under our warranty. Any splitting caused from the inside of the welly such as wear from toenails, stones or twigs etc will not be covered. Boots kept outdoors may cause discolouration and possible cracking, this is not covered by our warranty The lifetime of wellies depends on the condition of use, storage and maintenance.
We would like to remind you that wellies are recreational boots (and not working boots) they are not suitable for intensive work.