Supported by Dedito

Dedito supports Perthshire Gundog Rescue (PGR)

Perthshire Gundog Rescue SCIO has been set up to help rescue Gundogs and Gundog Breeds.
The rescue is committed to the welfare of all dogs that come into our care and endeavour to make a positive contribution to their lives, no matter what their circumstances. We aim to educate people about Gundog Breeds prior to taking them on and are often called to discuss people’s suitability in owning one of these intelligent working bred dogs.

PGR works with and rehomes rescue dogs according to their individual needs. This could be a pet working bred dog going on to become and active working Gundog or a dog who has possible failed as a Gundog for whatever reason will be matched up and rehomed into a suitable active pet home.We also help retired Gundogs of all ages. Website:

Sir Ian Botham ambassador for Dedito boots

Sir Ian Botham ambassador

After a long search to get the right people, Dedito could sign up Sir Ian Botham to be the ambassador for Chevalier and Dedito boots.
Sir Ian Botham …..well: no introduction needed. He is a living legend and a very friendly man.

Dedito sponsors Grouse Pointing test

For the 5th year in a row Dedito is sponsoring and hosting the Dedito’s Grouse Pointing test together with the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain. It will be a 3 days event on some of the most prestigious moors of North Yorkshire. A full card of Weimaraners will be participating. Youngsters, adults and even people from across the canal will attend.